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Emsella: A New Dawn for Women’s Intimate Well-being

Amid the ever-evolving vista of medical advancements, Dr. Fortin heralds the introduction of Emsella—a groundbreaking, non-invasive therapy specifically designed to address the nuanced intimate concerns many women face. Emsella, with its state-of-the-art approach, illuminates a path for women by channeling the transformative power of HIFEM energy, fortifying the delicate tapestry of the female pelvic muscles.

Emsella: Women’s Silent Saviour

Emsella has emerged as an unparalleled remedy for challenges like unexpected urinary leakage, a compromised intimate sensation, and weakened pelvic tone, which many women, especially post-childbirth or during menopause, encounter(1). It serves as a sanctuary of rejuvenation for countless women, offering them a renewed sense of self.

Decoding the Emsella Experience

Delving deeper, Emsella employs precision-focused electromagnetic waves to rejuvenate and reinforce the pelvic muscles. Remarkably, a singular session, lasting just 30 minutes, incites over 11,000 contractions (2). These rhythmic contractions amplify blood circulation, restoring muscle coordination and strength, and overall vitality.

Addressing ailments such as:

  • Unplanned urinary episodes

  • Reduced tactile sensations

  • A general slackening of the pelvic area

Countless women have reveled in the rekindling of their confidence, intimate satisfaction, and overall well-being. And what’s remarkable? The treatment is swift, non-invasive, and utterly devoid of discomfort.

Our pelvic muscles serve as foundational pillars, offering support to organs like the bladder and uterus. When these muscles falter, often post-childbirth or during menopause, it can herald issues such as urinary incontinence and diminished intimate sensations (3).

Emsella: A Testament to Women’s Resilience

Many women have testified to the transformative journey with pelvic muscle rehabilitation. The manifold benefits include:

95% Patient Satisfaction
  • Reinvigorated self-assuredness

  • Enhanced intimate satisfaction

  • A life of greater control and vitality

75% reduction in pads

The Emsella Voyage: A Symphony of Comfort

Engaging with Emsella is akin to a serene interlude. A mere half-hour, nestled comfortably in your attire, and you are on the path to rejuvenation!

Embracing Emsella:

  • Preparation: The prerequisites are minimal. Simply ensure an emptied bladder and be free of metal adornments.

  • The Emsella Embrace: As you settle into the ergonomically designed chair, electromagnetic pulses will gently ripple through, with a comforting sensation.

  • Post-Session: Seamlessly merge back into your daily rhythm, with no post-care requirements.

Emsella's Benevolence and Afterglow

While Emsella is predominantly gentle, a transient soreness might occasionally linger, such as after a workout. The zenith of its benefits typically unveil themselves 2-4 weeks post the therapy regimen. For the quintessential Emsella experience, a series of 6 sessions is often advocated (4). The ensuing months promise a renaissance of vigor and command.

Emsella’s Warm Embrace: Not Universal

Metal implants, cardiac pacemakers, recent pelvic surgeries, and a few other conditions warrant caution.

Emsella’s Benevolent Offering: A Perspective on Price

The monetary investment typically fluctuates between $300-$400 a session. Package discounts are available making this one of the most affordable and highly sought after solutions for women's pelvic health!


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