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MD Cellular Health Doctor

Meet Dr. Lisa Fortin. After completing her undergraduate studies summa cum laude in Biotechnology at Ferris State University, Dr. Fortin spent a year working in neurosurgery research at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and became a published researcher. She developed a strong foundation regarding the most intricate processes of the human body at the cellular level and went on to earn her medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.

Dr. Fortin served as Chief Resident during her five-year Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Henry Ford Hospital. It was there that she developed her passion for anatomy and integrating complex issues to help patients overcome health problems. Dr. Fortin finished her training at Harvard with an Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. She then practiced diagnostic and interventional radiology for another five years in Petoskey, Cheboygan, and Gaylord, Michigan.

In 2017, Dr. Fortin opened her Regenerative Medicine Clinic, ReYouvenate, located in Petoskey, MI.  She has a unique approach to health care focusing on health from the cellular level.  

What is Cellular health & Regenerative Medicine?

Health begins at the cellular level.  Our cells begin to decline in function long before the outward signs of aging and degeneration show up.  When addressing health from the celllular level, the tissues, organs, systems and being will function more optimally.


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